3 School Fundraising Mistakes That Might Cost You

If you have a school fundraiser you obviously want to earn money for your school, but are you earning as much with each fundraiser as possible? By identifying problems with your fundraising strategy you can increase your earnings and have more profits available to pay for new text books, playground equipment and school field trips. There are many ways that your school may be able to earn more, but let’s look at three common school fundraising problems.

Losing Orders

In a catalog school fundraiser every order means money for your school. Each and every order is valuable to your school. In the chaotic hustle of fundraising it can be easy to misplace order forms and to miss out on profits. Losing orders will cost your school money and will frustrate buyers which could lead to a lack of support on future school fundraisers. It is essential to keep track of each and every order that is placed. This task can be a lot of work, so consider asking a volunteer to help you stay organized and to keep track of fundraising order forms. Create an organizational system from the first day of your school fundraiser so that you don’t risk losing or misplacing any orders.

Students also commonly misplace or forget to turn in their school fundraising order forms. One of the easiest ways to lessen the occurrence of this problem is to encourage students to turn in orders as they come in, rather than forcing them to wait until a set date at the end of the fundraiser. This way students won’t have to worry about losing their fundraising packet or forgetting to turn their orders in. You may also want to have all students turn in order forms, even if they haven’t made a sale, so that you can be sure that every students order is accounted for.

Choosing the Wrong Fundraising Company

The school fundraising company that you select will determine how much money you earn with your fundraisers. Simply changing fundraising companies can dramatically increase the amount you earn with each fundraiser. Comparing rates from multiple companies will help you to see what your profit possibilities are. Your school’s profits can vary depending on the type of fundraiser that you select so be sure to compare a few different types of fundraisers within each company. Any fees that you will have to pay will impact the fundraiser’s profitability so be sure to ask if there are any shipping, handling or other fees that you will have to pay.

Only Holding One Yearly Fundraiser

If your school only holds one or two fundraisers each year, you are missing out on profits. If you increase the number of school fundraisers you hold you can easily double or triple your earnings. Adding a few new fundraisers to your school’s schedule is a simple way to earn more. Try to vary the type of fundraisers that you hold; if you already have a cookie dough fundraiser in the spring, consider holding a gift wrap fundraiser in the fall. You may also want to hold a school carnival or start a recycling program. Your school will earn more when you fundraise more often.

Increase your school fundraising earnings today by trying a few of these helpful ideas. As you earn more through fundraising your students will really benefit.

School Fundraiser Tips – Could You Be Earning More?

The primary purpose of fundraising is earning money for your school, but many fundraisers fall short and don’t earn as much as possible. As you learn to find the areas where your fundraisers are lacking you can start earning more with each fundraiser. Here are three school fundraising shortfalls that commonly occur.

Lost/Misplaced Order Forms

If you are holding a catalog sale style fundraiser each item sold will result in money for your school. Therefore, each order is important. Order forms can be easily misplaced or lost resulting in lost profits for your school. When you lose an order the buyer will be frustrated, your school will lose profits and people will be less likely to support your school in the future. As order forms and fundraising earnings are turned in it is your responsibility to ensure that these orders are turned into your fundraising company. Assigning a volunteer to this important task is a great way to ensure that your school’s orders stay organized and that placing the final order from the fundraising company is as simple as possible. Staying organized from the start of the school fundraiser will help you to avoid losing order forms.

An equally serious problem can result when students forget to turn in order forms or lose their fundraising packet. Consider letting students turn in their fundraising orders at any time during the fundraiser instead of having all students turn in orders at the end. This will allow students to keep their order form in a safe place once they have finished selling items to family and friends. Many schools have every student turn in an order form, even if orders weren’t placed, so that they can verify that all orders have been turned in before they place the school’s order with the fundraising provider.

Working with the Wrong School Fundraising Company

The right school fundraising company can increase your school’s profits, but the wrong one can seriously decrease your earnings. If you want to increase your earnings it might be time to make sure that you are working with the right school fundraising company. Contact a few school fundraising companies and see what kind of profit margins are available. A cookie dough school fundraiser might offer a different profit margin than a candy bar fundraiser, so be sure to compare fundraising types and available profits within each company. Remember fees can add up, so ask about shipping charges, processing fees and other expenses associated with the fundraiser.

More Fundraising Needed

The more fundraisers you hold the more money you can earn for your school. As you hold additional school fundraisers you will increase your potential for profit. Your school should think about adding a few different fundraisers into their fundraising plans this year. Different types of fundraisers will appeal to different buyers so try adding in something that you don’t already offer like a cookie dough fundraiser, a garden products sale or a candy bar fundraiser. There are many ways to fundraise, so try to explore your options by doing something different than usual. Your fundraising earnings potential is unlimited if you are willing to put in the effort.

If your school is making one of these common fundraising mistakes a few little changes can help. The money you earn through school fundraising can be used to provide a better education to your school’s students.

Fundraising – The Fun & Excitement of it All

Need money and support? The best and most practical way to get it is to fund raise. Fundraisers are profitable, fun, and well worth the trouble of organizing. You may be raising financial support for relief during a calamity or a tragedy, or the funds may be intended to support a particular organization. Nonetheless, a fundraising event works just like any other fundraising activity since it aims to collect money during donations, although usually in exchange for a particular service or product.

Fundraising vs. Donation Solicitation

Fundraiser events are organized by various groups and kinds of people and organizations-from multimillion companies to small non-profit organizations, from ordinary individuals to people of power and influence. The idea here is that the revenue gained from the fundraising event will not be used for personal gain. So why are fundraiser events more preferred than donation solicitation? Many view donation solicitation as too aggressive. Also, contrary to what many may think, donation solicitation will take too much time and effort. A fundraising event is a one-time event. Soliciting donations, on the other hand, is a continuous process. Besides, how many donations will an organization need to receive in order to collect sufficient funds?

Fundraising – A Mutual Benefit

The advantage of fundraising events is the exchange for the monetary support donors will give. The donors do not simply give their money to the fundraising event – they give it because they are expecting something in return. And what they will get depends on what type of fundraiser event an organization or individual plans to hold.

For example, a popular fundraising event idea is the car wash fundraiser. People will give money to the fundraisers and in turn, the fundraisers will wash the car of the donors. Other popular fundraising events include benefit dinners, benefit concerts, bake sales, auctions, and benefit sporting competitions. In all of these endeavors, the fundraisers provide something for the money they will receive. A popular form of fundraising done today is the televised fundraiser, where celebrities encourage viewers to phone in their donation pledges. Those who phoned in will then deposit their pledges in designated bank accounts.

Making Profit

Of course, the services or products given at fundraising events are more expensive if compared to their normal prices. This is expected and acceptable – after all, fundraiser events are held with the purpose to gain revenue in mind. Generally, fundraising events are not the best place to look for a bargain, although there are some exceptions, such as when the fundraising event is an auction or a bargain sale.

Imagination – the Key to Fundraising Success

Forming the fundraising activity into an event not only dramatically increases the revenue. It can also spread awareness and interest, which are both important if the fundraising event is done for a sports team or for a particular advocacy. Hence, many do not consider pre-order fundraising as a fundraising event, since it is merely an activity which is done to collect funds and not an actual event. Holding a fundraising event is definitely more exciting and more dynamic, and can obviously attract more supporters and donors. Door-to-door fundraisers may be effective, but it is bland and lifeless. Fundraising events inject life to charity.

So use your imagination! Be creative and different. Stand out from the crowd and turn heads with your fundraising event. And as long as you remember to stay organized and to have fun, success should be at your fingertips.

Cookie Dough Fundraisers – Are They A Profitable School Fundraising Option?

If you are planning a school fundraiser you may be wondering which types are the most profitable. Before you plan a fundraiser it is important to make sure that your choice will be a profitable one since fundraisers take a lot of time and energy to plan and execute. By analyzing the answers to some common questions we can determine if a cookie dough fundraiser is a profitable school fundraising choice.

Will People Want to Purchase the Product?

The products that you sell will play a large role in determining if your fundraiser makes a lot of money or a little. Unpopular or unnecessary products are harder to sell which makes it harder to earn money for your school. One reason that cookie dough fundraisers are so popular is that this product is quite easy to sell. Homemade cookies are always delicious making this a very appealing product. Since cookie dough fundraisers typically offer several flavor choices there will be an appealing choice for almost any customer.

What Percentage of Sales Will You Receive?

Fundraisers with higher profit margins are more profitable than fundraisers that offer a smaller percentage of sales to the school. A profit margin of 30% will provide your organization with twice as much profit as a fundraiser offering 15%. By learning about the profit margin of a fundraiser before you start you can choose a school fundraiser that will earn as much money as possible for your organization. In most cases cookie dough fundraisers offer a strong profit margin to schools making this a great school fundraising choice.

How Much Will You Need to Spend Before the Fundraiser Begins?

Large start-up expenses can greatly reduce the profitability of a fundraiser and in some cases can even cause your school to lose money. In some cases you will need to invest some of the schools money in a fundraiser for products and other expenses before the fundraiser even starts. A school sponsored car wash for example might have a few start-up expenses like the cost of soap, buckets and sponges. School fundraisers with lower start-up costs are less risky than fundraisers that require a large initial investment. Generally there are no start-up costs associated with a school fundraiser. The fundraising company generally provides everything you will need for a successful school fundraiser at no initial cost to your school. This gives schools the opportunity to start earning money without having to make a sizable investment first.

Is This a Year Round Fundraising Option?

Remember that the available dates and seasons for a selected fundraiser are also important to consider. Many fundraising options, like holiday gifts or gift wrap, are seasonal fundraisers only. Other school fundraisers can be done in any season or at any time of the year.

By choosing a versatile fundraiser like cookie dough you open the possibility of having multiple fundraisers per year and can often increase your profits. If you need to earn a lot of money for your organization consider having multiple school fundraisers since this will increase your earning potential.

Cookie dough fundraisers are in most cases a great choice for your school fundraising needs because they are often very profitable and easy to run. These questions will help you to determine if the fundraisers that you are considering are a profitable choice for your school. Not all school fundraisers are created equal, but cookie dough sales tend to be a great way to generate money for your school.